The Philippine Society of Animal Science (PSAS) is a professional not-for-profit organization founded in 1963 by 31 veterinarians and animal scientists.

The membership, now numbering more than 4,000, consists of veterinarians, animal scientists, researchers, academe, agricultural economists, animal nutritionists, agricultural extension providers, industry representatives supporting livestock and poultry production, livestock and poultry raisers, farm managers, laboratory personnels and government personnel who are making contributions in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal science and related disciplines and to the livestock and poultry industry in the country.

Our Society has chapters in the Bicol region, Ilocos, Cagayan and the Visayas.

PSAS is an affiliate member of the Asian-Australian Association of Production Societies (AAAP), the Philippine Association of Agriculturists (PAA) and the Philippine Biosafety and Biosecurity Association (PhBBA).

Our main activities include:

• Annual convention
• Lecture series
• Outreach program
• Publication of the Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
• Publication of newsletter

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